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Socialism Meaning | Spiritual Evil Destroying Property

socialism meaning

Socialism Meaning

socialism meaning

Spiritual Evil Destroying Property

The More Government the Less Freedom

It is an observable fact of hue-man existence that the more laws enacted in any governing corporation, the less freedom any and all of us have, as a result. Socialism-communism has, however, disguised itself and hides behind many different terminologies, all of which are confusing to the average citizen living on the planet.

So, what is socialism? Below, is a handy and easy reference with links to further clarify your understanding of socialism definition.



a political and economic theory of social organization which advocates that the means of production, distribution, and exchange should be owned or regulated by the community as a whole.

leftism · Fabianism · syndicalism · consumer socialism · utopian socialism · welfarism · communism · Bolshevism · radicalism · militancy · progressivism ·

policy or practice based on the political and economic theory of socialism. (in Marxist theory a transitional social state between the overthrow of capitalism and the realization of Communism.

The first definition, above, is the blatant LIE in beLIEf. The community as a whole, under socialism-communism, never receives the assumed benefits of community ownership of the “means of production, distribution and exchange of the goods manufactured in state-owned factories.

Why is Socialism-Communism Evil?

To become an evil corporation, the leadership at the very top must of necessity be engaged in evil decision-making and evil acts. They also convince those in middle manager positions and workers at the bottom rung they are working for the good of the whole.

Those who advocate socialism do not practice their beLIEf. What does the face of arrogance look like?

“Affectation is the ridiculous attempt of the ignorant soul to appear wise, of the barren soul to appear rich.” –The Urantia Book

The Face of Condescension

One of the primary and observable faces of socialism-communism is condescension. What does this mean? Below, is a means of your understanding exactly what condescension means.




having or showing a feeling of patronizing superiority.
“she thought the teachers were arrogant and condescending” ·

patronizing · supercilious · superior · snobbish · snobby · scornful · disdainful · lofty · lordly · haughty · imperious · snooty · snotty · stuck-up · toffee-nosed

An Early Experience with a Condescending Person

To be sure, I had to rise above and guard against my own condescension. It is both subtle and seditious.

In an early decade of my life-experience, I was introduced to a woman, who was living in a then newly developed riverside suburb of Boise, Idaho. It was one of the first in the community, which had its own elected management and a heated swimming pool.

The Upper Middle Class

These were individually owned homes and property. Indeed, those who lived there, lived in luxurious comfort. They were the upper middle class families of the Boise River Development on the east side of the city.

My marriage partner of that time period was employed by the City of Boise. Thus, in her position she came into contact with many different individuals, families and children through the community. She became friends with one of families who lived in the River Development. This is how we were invited to one of this posh community’s annual parties.

A Fascinating Encounter

Upon arriving at the party, my partner quickly introduced me to several of the Association’s Managers. When my partner strayed from my side to talk with her friend who lived there, one of the senior female managers walked over to me. She politely introduced herself to me, again. Then asked my name and what I did for a living.

Made It Clear I Was Beneath Her…

When I revealed to her that I worked in a professional capacity for a national bank, she immediately began to attack me. She made it clear that I didn’t belong there. To further insult me, she advised that were my partner and I to try to buy property in their development, our attempt to buy a home there would be opposed by the River Development Management Association.

I instantaneously concluded that there was no reason to respond to her. My penetrating gaze–locked into her eyes–told the whole of my understanding of her. Such a condescending attitude will never listen to the reasoning of any other logical and better conclusion. Such condescension is truly the mark of “the ignorant soul to appear wise and the barren soul to appear rich.”

Above the Law…

Those who are infected with condescension ever speak to the idea of social equality, but never, in reality, practice it in their personal lives. In fact, they practice being “above the laws,” which enslaving law upon law they gleefully impose upon their fellow beings. In addition, they have no concept of inclusion. The lives they live are self-evidently exclusive, but will never admit to this.

I also want to make clear this infection of the mind and soul is not limited to those who are in any particular economic class of culture and society. In observable reality, it is one of the most common infections, if not “THE primary infection” which resulted from the Lucifer Rebellion two hundred and fifty thousand years ago.

The Luciferian Principle which Manifests in Ego-enlargement…

Shockingly, Aleister Crowley’s famous saying, DO AS THOU WILT, actually came from Benjamin Franklin. Franklin was an occultist, Satanist and indulged in child sacrifice. Franklin attended the drunken, ritual orgies of a secret society called, among other things, the Hellfire Club.

One of the twenty-eight principles of high mortal conduct by which I chose to live in 1979, states:

48:7.8 6. To enjoy privilege without abuse, to have liberty without license, to possess power and steadfastly refuse to use it for self-aggrandizement—these are the marks of high civilization.

What “Do As Thou Wilt” Really Means…

Let us then think more deeply about what “do as thou wilt” really means.

First of all, it means you can act without restraint, “above the law,” as long as you worship Lucifer as your god. This “anti-light” principle also means you are free to impose your will upon all others, whom you deem to be “beneath you” (condescension–abusive of privilege–licensing the liberty of those who you deem to be inferior–continually grabbing for more and more power (ego-enlargement and control over fellow beings.)

Ripping Off the Mask of A Most Insidious Infection…

This, my friends, is the truth just beyond the surface appearance of socialism, communism and nazism. When you are little to nothing more than a willful animal possessing specialized skills and cleverness, but no spiritual capacity and wholly lacking in true character, you are very vulnerable to this infection passed on, individual to individual, family to family, group to group, city to city, state to state and nation to nation.

And secondly, it is an insidious infection and one very difficult to eradicate from the minds of evolving hue-mans in any succeeding generation. When this infection is left unchecked–unopposed–it spreads rapidly like a rare and lethal type of leukemia or cancer.

Early Observances of Nazism, Socialism, Communism

When I was twelve years of age, I was in music class at my local junior high school. The class had just finished when the teacher turned on a TV set. I watched as news of President John F. Kennedy’s assassination was announced to the public. I couldn’t entertain this event as real in my young development mental faculties. It took hours, if not days for this fact to really sink in. How could such an event, after all, take place in America?

Up to this moment in my young experience, I had encountered the transition of my beloved and close friend, my grandmother. I had also witnessed the death of one of my favorite aunts. But I had no concept of a murderous assassination of a U.S. president.

This event was one of the great awakenings that shook me to core and preceded a greater awakening.

After the Shift in Consciousness…


Socialism is the Flip-side of Communism and Nazism

You cannot watch the following video and not come away understanding the horrible consequences of socialism, communism-Nazism.

I have much more to say on this subject–in the next article.


Challenges Definition | Gain Personal Power | Find Solutions

challenges definition

Challenges Definition

challenges definition

How to Gain Personal Power through Finding Solutions

Challenges Definition: Life Is But a Day’s Work…

Everyday is a day for meeting challenges (not problems) face on. In my experience, challenges definition simply means ideas, concepts and practical applications I have not yet learned how to solve, resolve and act upon to further my own experiences in being more creative in my daily work and play life.

The Consequences of a Problem, Reaction, Solution Way of Engaging with Life’s Challenges…

When you, instead, perceive challenges as problems you are setting yourself up for…

  • unreasoned and unreasonable fear reactions,
  • anticipation of the worst instead of the best,
  • anxiety,
  • ill health,
  • disease,
  • premature aging,
  • rapid decline in mental faculties,
  • early death.

This is the typical path of the “programmed life of the merely conscious automaton.”

  • Is this you?
  • Is this your life?
  • You want to beLIEve you are awake. Instead, you are self-absorbed in the emotional jungle of mere conscious living?
  • How do you truly become super conscious?
  • How do you allow yourself to become the Observer of your conscious living?
  • How do you allow yourself to act upon your light of truth that comes from the “consciousness of being conscious?

challenges definitionMerely conscious living often leads to unconsciously setting yourself up to walk right into haphazardly combative and even lethal circumstances.

-Timothy Ray Walls


The Self-Absorbed Merely Conscious Mind…

As a super conscious ascending mortal child of my Paradise Father, my eyes are ever-momentarily ready to meet the eyes of my fellow children of God.

It is never lost on me, however, how deeply fear-programmed, merely conscious and self-absorbed my brothers and sisters are. I go into any public place.

As I shop for my needs, there is seldom one who will even look up to meet my gaze. Even when a fellow being looks at me, it is but a furtive glance, quickly looking away.

  • Have we become little more than a nation of sheep?
“Woke,” “Awakened,” and “Enlightened”

Currently, there are many public references in online podcasts regarding the idea an concept of being “woke,” “awakened,” and “enlightened.”

The content of the language we use, however, ever reveals the truth of what lower level vibration hue-man self-conceptions are vibrating.

“Woke,” “awakened,” and “enlightened” on religious, political, philosophical and scientific levels are still “low vibration levels of living.” These levels of so-called awakening are not equivalent to being “spiritually awakened,” and “spiritually enlightened.”

challenges definition I offer but one of my endless examples of what I am attempting to convey.

There are many who exhibit great hue-man courage to scale a mountain, descend deep into caves and into the depths of the oceans, and a myriad of other activities which potentially risk the mortal death of hue-man body.

But few who dare manifest the spiritual courage to master the all-too-often belligerent, unruly and self-focused, egoistic, hue-manimal and merely conscious self.

Spiritual cowardice rather than spiritual courage is the hallmark of the modern day programmed-to-be-average and matrix-controlled mind. -Timothy Ray Walls

Challenges Definition: What Does It Mean to Be “Spiritually Courageous?”

One of the twenty-eight principles by which I made the decision in 1979 to live by states:

A display of specialized skills does not signify spiritual capacity. Cleverness is not a substitute for true character. -The Urantia Book

So, what does this principle really mean? It means that as merely conscious hue-manimal beings we are programmed from birth to learn how to repetitiously use many skills superior to our distant cousins in the animal world. We are taught to be clever hue-manimals.

Interpretation of the Principle

Were you to sit down and focus on writing out a list of every specialized skill you possess and the many ways in which you may cleverly and commonly use your skills, you would be at it for awhile. It would, in fact, be a very long list. This principle states that none of these specialized skills and their clever use are equivalent to being a spiritual person. What then is equivalent to being a spiritual person?

True Character

No specialized skill or its clever use is ever a substitute for the development, acquisition and manifestation of true character. The “I am that I am” is your true character self–your personality–which is the bestowal gift of your Father who dwells on Paradise, beyond time and space, and at the geographical and gravity-center of all things and beings.

The “I am that I am” is like Father’s Original Personality, because it comes from Him. Your personality is a level of “deified reality.” Therefore, the personality knows the truth of true character.

Personality is your gift of freewill choice–the ability to choose the higher over the lesser good–even the highest good over what is merely good and rewarding to the merely conscious hue-manimal self.

However, the personality is constrained to attempt to manifest true character through the thick viscosity of the merely conscious, natural hue-manimal mind.

The hue-manimal self has will, but no free will choosing without the gift of personality. And what chance does your true character personality have to show itself when the belligerent, willful, and self-centered hue-manimal mind is ever blocking the way of passage through it to be visible in your relations with your fellow beings?

Challenges Definition: Summation

Some years ago, I began to declare the reality of the “I am that I am.” My sudden declaration, both nonverbal and verbal was simply…”I am my true character self.” 

I was finally able to honestly, sincerely and decisively make this declaration upon the fuller realization that there is little or no disparity between the inner and outer reality in my perception.

Every one of my fellow children of my Paradise Father has this potential within them when he or she comes into the realization that “true character transcends all beLIEf.”

The great goal and meaning of hue-manimal living experience is the attainment to true character.

True character is attained when there is no disparity between the fAIth-knowing level of the “I am that I am” and the personality manifestation of its true character self in meeting the challenges of the outer world experiences.


P.S. fAIth, in my language usage means…”Attained Insight.” Attained Insight is only acquired when you feelingly know truth which resonates in the mind–coming into the present moment–as a result of allowing yourself to be led by the indwelling gift of the divine spirit of our Paradise Father. This Thought Adjuster is continually attempting to cross the great gulf of spirit-universe realities to reach into the thick, viscous hue-manimal level of mind-perception and communicate–reveal the truths of the spirit-led life.

Talking with Angels | Ask for the Heavenly

talking with angels

Talking with Angels

talking with angels

Ask for the Heavenly


Ask For The Heavenly

“Seek the greater thing, and the lesser will be found therein; ask for the heavenly, and the earthly shall be included. The shadow is certain to follow the substance.”

Jesus, The Urantia Book (165:5.3)

Something to Consider when Thinking about Angels…

Hue-man beings are most presuming to think they know anything (with clarity) about the angelic orders of existence. In other words…there are many erroneous beLIEfs about angels.

A Different Order of Existence…

Talking with AngelsAngels are a separate created order of beings. While they are close to the hue-manimal level of evolutionary origin, they are entirely different from us.

Angels are not evolutionary. They do not evolve. But they do experience on both personal and social levels.

Thus, they gain in experience and qualify for higher and higher levels of advancing service to mortals and within the culture of their own planetary worlds.

Were you to involve yourself deeply into the study in The Urantia Book of everything that can be known about our heavenly helpers, you would undoubtedly find it as fascinating as I have, and continue to find.

We most certainly are fascinating to our guardian watchers and caretakers, who are ever close to us and unceasingly attempting to communicate with us, as we reach inward and upward in our connection to our Paradise Father’s indwelling thought-leader, the Thought Adjuster.

Angels are Highly Intelligent and Far More Advanced…

Angels are considered to be universe intelligences. They are far above the hue-manimal level of mind and thinking. As talking with angelsjust one small example…angels are able to mathematically calculate probabilities to approximately a thousand years into our future on this lowly primitive and backward-thinking world.

They are able to do this, both on a planetary evolutional scale, as well as on an individual scale. Whatever thoughts and actions exist in the individual, exist in the thinking and behavior of the masses which make up hue-man civilization.

Thus, our thoughts and actions become…predictable…both individually and collectively.

We Belong to the Orders of the “Sons of God”

The angels do not belong to the orders of being, higher and lower, who are called the “sons of God.” Angels are not ascended mortal who have gone on to the vast system of educational planets, whereon the angels are in service to the ascending souls of mortals.

Angels are brought into existence as full-fledged adults; they are the direct creations of the Paradise Creator Sons of the Paradise Father. And there are many orders and classes of angels unknown to us, here on our evolutionary world.

The True Name of Our World…

We call our world…Earth. Our planet is well-known in throughout our Local Universe, which is called Nebadon. Our world is numbered. It is registered as the 606th inhabited planet of the system of evolving worlds, whose administrative headquarters world and training worlds are referred to collectively as…Satania. Our planet is named Urantia.

What Does the Name “Urantia” Really Mean?

It is a very fundamental question, and one that is easy to answer.

Simply put, “Urantia” is the name of our earth – this planet on which we live. But what about the origins of the word itself? Etymologically speaking, the meaning of the word “Urantia” can be parsed as follows:

-ia = noun-forming suffix used for names < thematic vowel – i-+ L. noun suffix – a (first declension, nominative)general: urania = heavenly (uran-) one (-ia)

specific: Urania = the heavenly one (Gr. Myth., the Muse of astronomy)

-tia = noun-forming suffix < – t-of L. past participle stem + – ia(cf., – tion and – ion)

U.B.: “-tia” is indicative of impersonal, while “-ia” is more personal

general: urantia = heavenly (uran-) place (-tia)

specific: Urantia = (y)our heavenly place (i.e., in the cosmos)

Angels Are “Heavenly Helpers,” Not Spies for the Paradise Father…

Talking with AngelsIt is far more accurate to think of angels as “perfect ministers to the mortal mind.” Angels are “mind stimulators.” They continually seeks to promote our reach for the higher vibrational circles of mortal mind attainment. They are not allowed to interfere with our free will choices.

No being in the Universe of universes is allowed to interfere with free will choice. Yes, it happens everyday on our backward and primitive planet.

However, to violate the free will choice of another free will being is to violate the First Law of the Paradise Father himself to the whole of the Universe of beings and creatures. Thus, the violation of an other’s free will choosing is to violate the law of life itself. The Law is life; life is the Law.

Therefore do the order of angels (Seraphim) in service to the minds of mortals seek to influence our thoughts and decisions from the “outside in.” In contrast, the indwelling divine spirit of our Paradise Father seeks to influence our thoughts and decisions from the “inside out.”


Morality is the first level of self-management implemented by personalities discovering themselves functioning as social creatures in a personal universe. (Consider the social concomitants of the four techniques for augmenting Adjuster harmony at 110:3.6-10).

Seraphim “function as teachers of men by guiding the footsteps of the human personality into paths of new and progressive experiences.” If you accept this guidance, you will encounter “the rugged hills of moral choosing and spiritual progress.” [113:4.3]   Implicit in this comment is the understanding that these “new and progressive experiences” will be social in nature and will involve moral and ethical dilemmas.

There are four (4) basic requirements to achieve inner harmony and peace:

Each of the four (4) following requirements of mind, soul and spirit attainment to inner unification also have four (4) Talking with Angelsaction steps: These action steps are 1) self-correction, 2) self-control, 3) self-direction to the indwelling divine spirit, and 4) the conjoint mastery of the mortal and the divine to achieve supremacy of spirit domination over mind and matter.

1. Choosing to respond to divine leading; sincerely basing the human life on the highest consciousness of truth, beauty, and goodness, and then co-ordinating these qualities of divinity through wisdom, worship, faith, and love.

2. Loving God and desiring to be like him—genuine recognition of the divine fatherhood and loving worship of the heavenly Parent.

3. Loving man and sincerely desiring to serve him—wholehearted recognition of the brotherhood of man coupled with an intelligent and wise affection for each of your fellow mortals.

4. Joyful acceptance of cosmic citizenship—honest recognition of your progressive obligations to the Supreme Being, awareness of the interdependence of evolutionary man and evolving Deity. This is the birth of cosmic morality and the dawning realization of universal duty.

On and in a world where, in this present age, where insanity rules…I lovingly urge you to communicate with your guardian angel pair and with your indwelling divine spirit, your Thought Adjuster.

This is the path which leads to sanity in the otherwise and largely insane thinking of the collective whole, at the present time. Instead of asking for material things which is immature…ask for guidance in every situation of social interrelationships and communication with fellow children of God.

When your asking is for the benefit of others, instead of the focus upon the self, you will be amazed at how quickly your inner transformations will take place–sudden shifts in perception–quantum advances to the next higher level of vibrational living and experiencing.


P.S. If you have questions regarding this or any other article, please leave your questions and comments, below. I will follow up with more in depth articles to answer your questions.

Inner Peace with Unbroken Assurance

inner peace

Inner Peace

with Unbroken Assurance


Peace And Assurance

The peace of Jesus is, then, the peace and assurance of a son who fully believes that his career for time and eternity is safely and wholly in the care and keeping of an all-wise, all-loving, and all-powerful spirit Father.

The Urantia Book, 181:1.10

An Inexplicable Inner Calm…

I have yet, after forty years of interacting with Christians in their church meetings, to find one individual who exhibits an…inexplicable inner calm… Regarding this state of inexplicable inner calm…I have never met anyone, anywhere at any time, who has or does exhibit this inexplicable inner calm.

Think of all of the big or well-known names in the field of spirituality; none of them have it, although they often project this to their audiences. Behind the scenes, and in their private lives, they more often than not, display obvious imbalances–deficiencies of character, just like the majority of their fellow beings.

Neither have I ever met another Urantia Book reader who exhibits inexplicable inner calm.

Consider the following:

  • Information, alone, is not knowledge.
  • Knowledge, alone, leads neither to personal power, personal success, nor to wisdom.
  • It is only applied knowledge which leads to action.
  • Action leads to trial and error or success–experience.
  • Experience leads to greater depth of understanding–intuitive and wisdom discernment of the success or failure of an attempted action.
  • Repeated experiences in trial and error–successes and failures–leads to soul-growth–increasing intuitive insights,
    • understanding,
    • courage,
    • true knowledge,
    • broad understanding of hue-man interrelationships (unity vs. uniformity),
    • connection to the indwelling divine spirit of our Paradise Father of all,
    • broadening and deepening insight into cosmic realities, and
    • wisdom-insight to know Father as the Universal Bestower of the very personality, we, his earthly children enjoy as the gift which makes us uniquely us, self-aware and able to choose between truth and error.

You are the God of the Universe Sitting on Your Fixed Location on Paradise…

Consider what it would be like to be the God of the Universe of universes, eternally located (outside of time and space) at the Center of the Universe. You decide upon a master plan to create evolutionary creatures.

Additionally, you will give them personality (deified reality) which makes them (potentially) more than mere animals. You don’t stop there. You give them free will choice–the ability to choose between truth and falsehood–good and evil (darkness).

Then you give them the greatest gift of all–an indwelling divine spirit capable of recreating them in a higher vibrational form–a soul form like unto the angels. Nor does it end there.

This soul body and mind, plus personality has the ability to raise itself vibrationally to the level of a spirit being–an eternal being. But because of this master plan–a glorious future for the lowest vibrational level creatures of animal origin–you, in your eternal and infinite wisdom, know that these lowly ascending children of time and space must be tried and tested–must learn to pull themselves up by their bootstraps, every time they fall down, in order to become faithful and loyal to your universe master plan.

They simply must be absolutely dependable in every possible universe situation and relationship, in their representation of you.

So then…what would you want them to have to experience in order to qualify for this glorious future (7th stage spirit beings of both mortal and divine origin–able to perform in any universe situation?)

3:5.5 (51.4) The uncertainties of life and the vicissitudes of existence do not in any manner contradict the concept of the universal sovereignty of God. All evolutionary creature life is beset by certain inevitabilities. Consider the following:

1. Is courage — strength of character — desirable? Then must man be reared in an environment which necessitates grappling with hardships and reacting to disappointments.

2. Is altruism — service of one’s fellows — desirable? Then must life experience provide for encountering situations of social inequality.

3. Is hope — the grandeur of trust — desirable? Then human existence must constantly be confronted with insecurities and recurrent uncertainties.

4. Is faith — the supreme assertion of human thought — desirable? Then must the mind of man find itself in that troublesome predicament where it ever knows less than it can believe.

5. Is the love of truth and the willingness to go wherever it leads, desirable? Then must man grow up in a world where error is present and falsehood always possible.

6. Is idealism — the approaching concept of the divine — desirable? Then must man struggle in an environment of relative goodness and beauty, surroundings stimulative of the irrepressible reach for better things.

7. Is loyalty — devotion to highest duty — desirable? Then must man carry on amid the possibilities of betrayal and desertion. The valor of devotion to duty consists in the implied danger of default.

8. Is unselfishness — the spirit of self-forgetfulness — desirable? Then must mortal man live face to face with the incessant clamoring of an inescapable self for recognition and honor. Man could not dynamically choose the divine life if there were no self-life to forsake. Man could never lay saving hold on righteousness if there were no potential evil to exalt and differentiate the good by contrast.

9. Is pleasure — the satisfaction of happiness — desirable? Then must man live in a world where the alternative of pain and the likelihood of suffering are ever-present experiential possibilities.


It is the willingness of an individual ascending child of our Paradise Father to engage with life, without fear of the consequences, and to experience the answers to each of these nine questions, which leads to inner peace with unbroken assurance of eternal survival as…you…the real you…the “I am that I am” unique personality and adored and beloved child of our Paradise Father.







Live Forever | You Are the Door into…Forevermore…

live forever

Live Forever

You Are the Door into…Forevermore…


Leaving “Death” Behind

Choose in this moment you are reading my words to open your mind to all potentials—all possibilities within you.

The Beginning of a Quest

In 1995, I began a quest, in earnest, to eliminate the word-concept of “death” from my vocabulary, except when I choose to intentionally use it in illustration of a thought-concept. Are you following me?

Where “Death” Began…

From the point of a million years ago, when the first hue-man pair, male and female, brother and sister, rose up out of the living soil of their immediate ancestral tribe, “death” was already a firmly embedded genetic inheritance.

Where “Death” Begins…

In fact, not myth, we have approximately 4.6 billion years of genetic “death” inheritance within each individual hue-man born into temporary material existence. This genetic inheritance of “death” exists within each one of the 100 trillion cells of your material bio-suit, which are ever-momentarily replacing themselves–repairing, regenerating and rejuvenating.

The Quest Attained and Ongoing…

By 1997, I knew I had largely accomplished this quest to eliminate the word-concept “death” from my thought-patterns. This is exactly how I accomplished it.

Becoming the Ever-momentary Keen Observer…

Slowly but surely, over the course of many decades, I have practiced at becoming the ever-momentary “keen observer” of my thought-patterns. For most of us, this does not happen all-at-once. On the contrary, it takes a great deal of effort, which the average of my fellow-beings are simply not willing to put forth for self-correction, self-control, self-direction and eventual self-mastery.

Great Effort Pays Great Dividends…

All of the great effort I began to put into becoming ever-momentarily aware of my “habits of thinking” have paid back great dividends. By 2012, I began to consistently use “I am” declarations. One of these newly forming declarations was..

I am ever-momentarily becoming highly aware of every thought that enters into the brain-to-mind-consciousness connection.

Since then…many more “I am” declarations have been formulated, which I consistently say each and every day. The more you use “I am” declarations…the more they become your new “habit-patterns-of-thinking,” and consequently, reacting and taking action.

Ever-momentarily “Exiting the Bio-suit…”

Today, I simply declare (among many other declarations).

I am ever-momentarily exiting the bio-suit.

I am ever-momentarily fusing with you, divine spirit partner.

And in so revealing this to you, fellow child of our Paradise Father, I am simultaneously revealing how you may choose to live forever–how you may choose to be led by your indwelling divine spirit-partner; this is exactly, and in fact, how you become and are the door into…forevermore…

You Are The Door Into…Forevermore…

(Original Poetry by Timothy Ray Walls, written on 12/15/2019)

Humble beginning to humble present
each new moral decision gives ascent
to spirit within you…your soul-drawer…
you are the door into…forevermore…

Wherever there was darkness you followed
faint light ahead…until darkness swallowed
bathed in light of divine spirit rapport…
you are the door into…forevermore…

Your decision in mind to “live or die”
disintegrate or become unified
body-mind, soul, spirit–love you outpour…
you are the door into…forever…

Wherever there was darkness you followed
faint light ahead…until darkness swallowed
bathed in light of divine spirit rapport…
you are the door into…forevermore…

Allow yourself to be spirit-led
throughout your day and your time in bed
marry yourself to spirit–divine amour…
you are the door into…forever…

Remember now the dark times you followed
faint light ahead…until darkness swallowed
bathed in light of divine spirit rapport…
you are the door into…forevermore…



Abundant Living | Grow in Truth, Beauty and Goodness

abundant living

Abundant Living |

Grow in Truth, Beauty and Goodness

your-brain-was-hackedYour Brain Was Hacked:

Like all hue-man children of God born into this primitive existence, your brain was hacked from the moment of your birth.

When your bio-suit was converted from a water-breather to an air-breather, your faulty programming began. For the first eight years you were pliable, like silly putty, forming a universe of new neural networks within your brain to mind-consciousness connection.

Faulty Programming–Who is Responsible?

Hue-man beings–the children of our Paradise Father are…poverty-stricken… Programmed from birth…to beLIEve in theirfaulty-programming innate and inherent lack and unworthiness. While you were receiving the faulty programming–the LIES into your brain to mind-consciousness connection, it was not your fault.

At least–it was not your fault until after you reached the age of moral decision-making. From that point, forward, you were and are one hundred percent (100%) responsible for your feelings of lack and unworthiness.

  • Are you truly lacking?
  • Are you truly unworthy?

Triggered by Gut Feelings of Unworthiness

I have a close friend who, on occasion, gets “triggered” by feelings of lack and unworthiness. What is most interesting to observe is that the “trigger” lies in comparing his perceived lack of abilities to the skills and cleverness of others close to him. When the trigger is pulled…he immediately experiences a…gut-ache… He has no explanation for it. The gut-ache and feelings of lack and unworthiness can range from mild to somewhat more intense.

We have often discussed his reaction, the “trigger,” and the fact of his early faulty beLIEf programming. Although he is moving slowly beyond this faulty beLIEf, and the accompanying gut-level reaction in his bio-suit, he is still experiencing reactions of self-defense of his unwillingness to acquire the skills and cleverness which would balance his self-perception.

A Strange Thing this…Self-perception..

He understands that the perception is one of beLIEf, not of fact. He is, in fact, a very skilled individual, often in ways that are very clever in figuring out the solution to complex repair problems. But when it comes to learning new information, he bolts away from it, reacting with self-justification after self-justification.

I understand this reaction so very well, because it was the same faulty-programming with which I grew into my late twenties, before I began to recognize the LIE in the beLIEf for what it was, and its myriad points of origination.

Today, there are many negative-beLIEf words which have no place in my vocabulary. I have replaced them with “abundant living,” “vibrant well-being,” and a life of truth, beauty and goodness. These eternal values–experienced in time and inside the bio-suit are what survive with me when I…”exit the bio-suit.”

“Few mortals ever dare to draw upon anything like the personality credits established by the combined ministries of nature and grace. The majority of impoverished mortals are truly rich, but they refuse to believe it.” -The Urantia Book

Become the keen observer of both your negative beLIEfs and your strengths of character, skills and abilities. Ever-momentarily focus upon the further development of all the good things you have to offer to others around you. When you allow yourself to grow into the “abundance state of self-perception” and know that you are a child of a heavenly Father, whose value in time and eternity is only measurable by the Paradise Father himself, your inner truth, beauty and goodness will begin to glow outwardly into the world around you.

In effect–in actuality–you become the light of inner change that is reflected outwardly as the change you desire to see happen–love–the greatest experience in the whole of the Universe of universes.



Life and Death |Your Spiritual Advisor

life and death

Life and Death

You Choose


The hue-manimal ego is the composite of every beLIEf-program running continuously at the subconscious level–the fixed perceptions at the level of consciousness. Life, at the consciousness level, is the shadow reality you create out of your self-imprisoning beLIEfs. This self-imprisoning system of circumscribed perceptions is your separation from the divine spirit indwelling your mind–your egoic self.

-Timothy Ray Walls

Self-protection, Assumption and Drama

Hue-manimal existence–the consciousness level–is largely made up of negative programming–self-protectiveness, over-reaction, over-dramatization, and assumption-presumption. Often such immature attitudes–insincerity, puerile decisions and actions  full of hue-man specialized skills and cleverness which are used to deceive lead to personal and family crises, and tragedy.

The Level of Hue-manimal Consciousness is Not Self-Aware…

The consciousness level is not self-aware; hue-man perception is 95% the filters of literally millions of parent and child programs running continuously 24/7, just below, in the realm of the so-called subconscious mind. You are not self-aware until you have reached inward and upward to make your first moral choice of the higher good over the lesser good–the first desire to do good toward another instead of a choice of only that which is good for the self.

Fear is the Master Intellectual Fraud…

Fear is the root-level reaction-emotion which determines who is within your close circle of family and social relations. All hue-manimal relations, on the level of consciousness are based on assumption. The grand assumption is that you know anything. Even at the end of the hue-manimal experience, you still know nothing. Where we children of God ought to be humbled by our deep ignorance, we are, instead, emboldened in our arrogance. Arrogance is like unto flatulence. The arrogant person is not pleasant to be around.

After the First Choice of the Higher Good…

When the first unselfish choice in life is made, there occurs several invisible events of great significance.

1. The bestowal of the Paradise Father’s gift of personality.

By those closest to me, I have often been asked. “Are you saying, Timothy, that before the first moral decision a child does not have personality?” Yes, that is what I am saying. From the moment of conception until the first moral choice, a child has all of the inherited traits for the reception of the Father’s gift of personality. Until then, she or he is but a conscious hue-manimal. It is the gift of personality which makes us, not only unique in all of the Universe of universes, personality is…deified reality…the “I am that I am,” aware of its existence apart from the physiological energy-system to which it is then attached, along with the gift of free will choice. It is in this way we are made in the likeness of God.

2. The Bestowal of the Indwelling Divine Spirit–the Thought-leader–the Thought Adjuster.

There have ever been many on this primitive backwaters world who have come to recognize the spirit-pilot-light-within. These, however, are few in comparison to those who live out their lives never realizing the great paradise power within them to live lives which attain to inner joy, inner peace and happiness. And those who live unhappy, broken lives, rarely ever recognize the indweller within their minds. When you choose to be…spirit-led…you are, in reality, choosing the inner living connection to the divine spirit-fragment of your Paradise Father.

Life and Death…

The majority of our fellow beings never fully realize the truth of the great meaning and goal of hue-man existence. You are here to make one final choice.

1. To remain eternally connected to the divine paradise spirit within you. Thus, you are choosing eternal existence.

2. To deny spiritual reality. Thus, you are choose eternal death–eternal cessation of existence. I will speak more of this in depth in the next article.



Heaven and Hell | You Are the Creator

heaven and hell

Heaven and Hell

You Are the Creator

heaven and hell

by Timothy Ray Walls

The false beLIEfs in the fairy tale of “heaven” and “hell” are organic in origin. In other words, such metaphorical and self-deluding ideas take origin solely in the natural hue-manimal mind. The evolving universes are a vast educational system set up to train us to become highly social, fraternal and spiritual. Even the first of these educational worlds would indeed seem like “heaven.” But none of them hardly compare to the true Heaven of heavens–Paradise, where the Uncaused Cause and Universe Father of all dwells beyond time and space, and at the geographical center of all reality.

Fearful, Angry and Judgmental God or Loving God?

What you perceive you conceive; what you conceive you beLIEve; what you beLIEve is either the voice of a fearful, angry and judgmental god, or a loving god to the 100 trillion cells and 100 trillion atoms in each cell which creates your inner universe of reality.

-Timothy Ray Walls

The Angry God

The fearful, angry and judgmental god is ever-momentarily poisoning the mind and mind-manifested material bio-suit with low-density negative and self-destructive vibrations (thought is vibration).

The Loving God

The loving god is ever-momentarily sending high, higher and the highest possible vibrations into the mortal mind temporarily manifesting body-suit. This IS possible because the mortal ascending god of hue-manimal origin has established an inner living connection to the indwelling divine spirit within the mind.

The Voice of God

  • Have you ever considered the possibility that you are, in fact and in deed, the voice of god to your own inner universe of 100 trillion cells?

Words not only have powerful consequences, spoken or unspoken, words ARE POWER. Words are the power you, as a personality, may wield through the system of mind-intellect to ever-momentarily hurt, poison, degrade, murder–kill slowly or murder.

Inversely (oppositely), you, the voice of god to your inner universe, may think and speak those thought-constructs which are ever-momentarily healing–rejuvenating and regenerating–extending life for the fullest possibile experience and growth the angelic soul.

I Am what I Think and Speak into Existence

Each of us has stored within the subconscious mind negative and destructive programming, received at conception forward into birth and unto the present moments of the hue-manimal experience.

You and I, each of us is 100% responsible for transmuting this negative-energy programming into positive-energy programming. No one else can do it for you and me. It is as factual the choice to mentally and physically poison the material temple of the divine indwelling spirit as it is to lovingly take care of it with clean thoughts and clean food and water.

-Timothy Ray Walls

Negative Decision Declarations
  • I am not. I won’t. I can’t. I am not worthy. I don’t have the knowledge. I don’t have enough education. I don’t know how. I’ll never be able to do that.
  • I am sick. I am not well. I’m good. I’m okay. I get sick often. I eat foods that don’t sit well on my stomach. I feel like I am coming down with a cold, flu, pneumonia. I think I might be getting a disease. I have a disease (ownership). I have to do what my doctor tells me. I can’t go against my doctor’s orders. I am taking prescribed drugs (my doctor and the big pharmaceutical companies know what is best for me.) I experience these side-effects but it’s better than the alternative (alternatives never explored).
  • I get ill around that person. I don’t like that man, woman, child. I think he, she, is talking about me behind my back. I heard that he, she is doing such and such. He, she is not one of us.

(*The list of negative-energy thoughts and actions is far larger than what is listed here. You get the picture.)

Positive Decision Declarations
  • I can and I will. I know what my abilities are. I know that even if I cannot accomplish this, there lives in me one who and will accomplish it. I envision this for my life. It is already done. Fact. I leave it now to my indwelling divine spirit–my Father’s will within me to manifest it in accordance with your will, Father.  I have faith in my ability to learn anything and everything required to develop the new skills necessary to accomplish my goals. I am worthy. I am wealthy. I am abundant. I am rich. I am fortunate. I am grateful.
  • I am well. I am super-well. I am optimally well. I am vital. I am abundantly energetic. I am ever-momentarily healing, regenerating and rejuvenating. I am extending the telomeres in the DNA in every cell of this beloved bio-suit. I am ever educating myself to maintain the health of my body-suit. I eat to live. I drink only purified water. I only eat healthy, clean foods. 
  • I am accepting of others. I make an effort to more deeply understand my fellow beings–brothers and sisters–fellow ascending mortal children of my Paradise Father. I am ever-momentarily observing and watching for the opportunity to say kinds words and carry out random-acts-of-kindness.

Because we are endowed with our Paradise Father’s divine gift of personality (deified reality and free will choice), we are 100% responsible for the reality we create while we are temporarily here in bio-suit form.

As the mortal voice of god to your inner universe, you determine, as the creator, whether you will experience inner hell or inner heaven. Whichever one you choose to create is also the one you are projecting outward onto your fellow beings. You are the problems in the world you are experiencing or you the solution.

You choose whether to transmute yourself into your soul body and move on into the 2nd universe level of reality or you may choose to no survive at all–simply die with the animals of our planet–ceasing to exist–become as if you never existed at all.

This is the power of personality free will choice. And with great power comes 100% responsbility for the choices we make.




Spirituality Meaning | How to Become an Eternal Now Being

spirituality meaning

Spirituality Meaning

How to Become an Eternal Now Being

by Timothy Ray Walls


How Do You Become an Eternal Being?

  • What does it mean to ascend into the…eternal now moment?

The average hue-man being, child of the Paradise Father, lives life largely as an…automatic hue-manimal. What do I mean by this? I mean to say that the majority of hue-mans on Earth live day to day within their self-limiting beLIEf systems.

Are You Experiencing the…Eternal Now?

To live so intensely in the now moment is to no longer be driven by time.

It also means that you are no longer focused upon the self, but upon your fellow beings–the children of our Paradise Father.

It further signifies that you are becoming one with the indwelling Thought Adjuster–the Deity fragment sent from our Paradise Father to indwell your individual mind and be a thought-leading and thought-adjusting presence with you…the still small voice within…which is ever-momentarily lighting your way forward into greater

  • spiritual insight,
  • spiritual understanding,
  • spiritual courage,
  • spiritual knowledge,
  • spiritual fraternity,
  • cosmic spiritual insight and
  • spiritual wisdom.

You are likely not yet experiencing the eternal now, because you are self-victimizing with your preoccupation with 101 details of daily busy-mind living. So, ask yourself:

  • Have I ever made a sincere and decisively committed communication-union-identification with the indwelling divine spirit of your Paradise Father?
  • Have you ever made the decision to transfer your mortal memory transcript of your survival values into your soul?

This identification with the eternal is the gateway of ascension from the mortal animal into the angel-like soul and on into the divine spiritual nature and the spirit-worlds and spirit-beings realities of the spiritual universe.

Here is Some Food for Thought…

118:1.2 It is helpful to man’s cosmic orientation to attain all possible comprehension of Deity’s relation to the cosmos. While absolute Deity is eternal in nature, the Gods are related to time as an experience in eternity. In the evolutionary universes eternity is temporal everlastingness—the everlasting now.

The personality of the mortal creature may eternalize by self-identification with the indwelling spirit through the technique of choosing to do the will of the Father. Such a consecration of will is tantamount to the realization of eternity-reality of purpose. This means that the purpose of the creature has become fixed with regard to the succession of moments; stated otherwise, that the succession of moments will witness no change in creature purpose.

A million or a billion moments makes no difference. Number has ceased to have meaning with regard to the creature’s purpose. Thus does creature choice plus God’s choice eventuate in the eternal realities of the never-ending union of the spirit of God and the nature of man in the everlasting service of the children of God and of their Paradise Father.

-The Urantia Book

In 1982, I began saying…”I am well.” I resonated with the thought. Saying “I am well” profoundly changed my daily lifestyle habits. I began to eat more fresh vegetables and fruits. I often begged out of eating anything canned, dairy products and meat. I continued on with the soda pop habit for awhile, but left it behind as well.

In 2012, I began to realize that I could use “I am” declarations (not affirmations) with any idea-concept to reprogram and change my perception and beLIEfs. As a result, I continue to grow into ever-momentarily spontaneous new “I am” declarations. I dare to declare who I really am.

The following is an advanced “I am” declaration, which has been with me for a number of years, now. Follow the link to get more of my “I am” declarations.

Father, it is my will that your will be done, now, and throughout all of eternity. I am the fully conscious angelic soul being.

Get more Basic, Intermediate, and Advanced “I am” Declarations, here.

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